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 Sativa - Orange, generally energetic and uplifting. Typically consumed during the day.
 Indica- Purple, generally relaxing or sedating. Typically consumed at night.
 Hybrid - Green, a mix between Sativa and Indica. Generally good day or night.

 Filter - When you see this icon in the upper right hand corner, you will have sorting and filtering options avaliable for this list.

The Inventory section shows you what types of marijuana you have on hand. Click the green plus button to add new items, or click on any item already in your Inventory to see its details.

Adding strains or accessories is easy. The list will display items you have previously purchased. The green plus lets you add a new item.

Selecting an item allows you to enter the type, size, quantity and price.

The cart icon shows everything you have selected. Tap "Complete Purchase" to finalize adding items to your inventory.

The item page shows how much you have in stock, along with session history for each item. There is also a quick view of the effects you have recorded using this item. The "Begin Session" button will start a new session using the defaults set on this page.

To remove an item from inventory, set the quantity to 0 and save. The "Begin Session" button will be replaced by "Remove from Inventory".

Sessions displays your recent usage history. Click on any item to view it. Click the plus to create a new session.

The Calendar provides a quick method to check sessions from any specific date.

Record any effects that you want to measure in the "Before" section.

Add any strains and accessories used in the "Marijuana" section.

Finally, record the effects you experience from the marijuana in the "After" section. You can record any session notes and give a rating for how you enjoyed the experience.

The Settings page provides access to individual items, settings, and their history.

Purchase preferences allows you to set the most commonly purchased form, amount, and price.

Custom units of measure define commonly used consumption sizes.

The Strain List shows all the strains you have recorded purchasing or using. Clicking on one will show additional history.

The full session history for the strain is displayed at the bottom.

The effects tab displays all the effects you have recorded, along with the number of times you have experienced them using this strain.

The Effect List shows all the effects avaliable for recording. Clicking on one will show additional history.

Classify the effect as mind, body or mood. The pre-session toggle allows you to define if this effect is avaliable to measure before and after usage. The post-session toggle allows you to define if this effect is avaliable after usage. The recorded history is shown at the bottom.

The Strain tab shows all the strains you recorded experiencing this effect, along with the number of times experienced and average severities.

Purchase History shows all additions to your inventory. Clicking on any will allow you to edit that particular addition.

The paid settings can be turned on or off individually in Settings.

The Inventory Summary provides a quick view of the total amount of each type of marijuana you have on hand.

The Cost Estimator shows your average cost per session. When turned on, cost information appears on each session, inventory item, strain, or accessory page.

Preview provides a list of which effects you may experience based on past recorded sessions with your current mood and symptoms.