The settings tab contains 3 sections. Settings is where you can adjust It's High Time's behavior.

At the top of this section is the Upgrade button. This will take you to a page asking if you wish to confirm upgrading. About displays the App's current version.

Basic Settings

Display Session Health Information. Turning this off displays an abbreviated version of the session list that does not contain feeling/effect recordings.

Enable Imperial UOMs turns on ounces as a unit of measurement for purchase. All inventory values are still stored in metric.

Enable Sharing displays the Shared option for each session consumption.

Remain in Session After Saving. Turning this off will return you to the previous page after saving your session. If you aren't recording effects, you may want to turn this off.

Purchase Preferences set the default form/size/amount/price. Setting these will auto-populate each purchase with what appears here. If you regularly purchase different forms of marijuana, you will likely leave this alone. If you primarily purchase in one form, this is a time saver.

Custom Units of Measure. Keeping an accurate inventory total is tough. Most people do not weigh the flower they consume. People take different length hits when consuming from a vape cartridge. For this situation, It's High Time has several editable sizes. You can adjust these to most closely match your consumption habits. .

Plus Settings:

  • Enable Inventory Summary
  • Enable Strain Advisor
  • The Strains Section is your diary of all the strains you have recorded. We recommend only adding strains that you purchase so you have an accurate list. Clicking on any strain will take you to that Strain's page. The Strain Page is similar to a Strain's Page on the inventory tab, except it has the full history for this strain, including purchases.

    The purchase section displays each recorded addition of this strain. Clicking on any of them will take you to that purchases' history, regardless of if you have deleted it. This allows you to return an item to inventory if you accidentally remove it.

    The feelings section displays a list of all health data points available for pre and post-session recording. Tapping on any of them will take you to its summary page. You can edit the feeling's information at the top. The Sessions section displays all sessions where this feeling was recorded.

    The Statistics section displays a summary of recorded experiences with this feeling per strain.