The Sessions Tab is where you will find your usage history.

For each session, it will display the following pieces of information:

  • Strain. Once again, note the color coding.
  • Method icon and amount used
  • Session Rating
  • Session Date/Time
  • Any session notes recorded.
  • Any pre/post session health/effect recordings
  • Clicking on any session will take you to it's page where you can modify it at any time. At the bottom right is the familiar Green Plus. Clicking on it will begin a new session.

    This tab is broken down into 3 sections. History contains a scrolling list of all sessions.

    Calendar provides a quick method to check sessions from any specific date.

    Finally, the Favorites section provides an abbreviated list of those sessions you have bookmarked.

    Recording A Session

    When you begin a session, the following screen appears. The top of the page contains some of the session specific information, such as the date and time the session took place. In the far upper right corner is the "Bookmark" icon. Tap on this to add this session to your favorites. Proceeding down the page are the session type, session rating selections and session notes.

    Proceeding down in the Mood and Feelings section, you will note you how you feel prior to starting the session. Did you know that your mood and mental health influence the effects you experience with Marijuana? It's High Time allows you to make note of how you feel prior to lighting up. In a foul mood? Make note of it to see how different strains elevate your mood. For medical patients, recording the severity of your symptoms both before and after consuming marijuana is key for making the most of It's High Time.

    Once a data point is selected, you can set its severity or remove it from the session if it was added accidentally.

    If you are unable to find what you are looking for, click the familiar Green Plus to define your own. Enter a name for the feeling, and select a category for it. If you are adding an data point that you would like to record both before and after consumption, turn on Use as Feeling. If this data point is only an effect you experience, leave Use as Feeling off and turn Use as Effect on.

    Adding a strain is done by tapping on the Green plus in the Marijuana Consumed section. This will bring up the Inventory Selection list. From here you can select any item on hand, or optionally add a new one by clicking the green plus.

    Once the strain has been added you it will appear in the Marijuana consumed section. You will notice either a Red or Green border around this selection. A Red border indicates additional information is required before the session can be saved. Tap the item to edit the details of this consumption. You will need to select a method, measurement and amount. Optionally, you can mark this session as Shared and enter a guest name.

    In-App Purchase (It's High Time Plus)

    It's High Time Plus comes with the strain advisor. This powerful feature allows you to see how effective each strain in your inventory was at treating the symptoms you have entered.

    Feeling slightly stressed and sad? Enter them in and then add a strain.

    With the Strain Advisor option enabled, when you have recorded feelings, you have the options to get a summary of prior sessions with several criteria. When multiple symptoms have been entered, turn Tightly Coupled Feelings on to display results for sessions with ALL of these symptoms together. With this option off (default) it will display results that include any of the symptoms selected. Severity matching allows for the following:

  • Exact Match - Symptoms Severities must match exactly
  • Less Severe - Displays sessions where symptom severity was equal or less than what is currently entered.
  • More Severe - Displays sessions where symptoms severity is equal or worse than what is currently entered.
  • Any Match - Default, displays any session with the symptom recorded.
  • The free version of It's High Time only has the consume option available. Enthusiasts who cook their own edibles may want to consider upgrading to It's High Time Plus. This enables the cook option which allows you to convert flower to tincture, edible, or concentrate.