The inventory page displays the following information for each strain on hand:

  • Strain Name
  • Form, represented by an icon; this is how you consume your strain during each session. Form is represented by an icon. These icons are:
  • Amount in inventory (metric units only)
  • Number of times used
  • Last time used
  • You may have noticed the strain names are in several colors. It's High Time uses a widely accepted color coding scheme to display the species of each strain. This is to make it easier for you to recognize and organize based on the type of strain you're using.

  • Sativa - Orange, generally energetic and uplifting. Typically consumed during the day.
  • Indica- Purple, generally relaxing or sedating. Typically consumed at night.
  • Hybrid - Green, a mix between Sativa and Indica. Generally good day or night.
  • The green Plus (+) icon in the lower left corner allows you to add new items to your inventory. Before doing so, you may want to head over to the Settings Tab (link to settings tab) and set your purchase preferences. If you are always buying the same form/amount, this can be a real time saver.

    For more detail on any item in your inventory, click on it to view its information page.

    Upgrading to It's High Time Plus adds the option to enable Inventory Summary Tiles. These appear on a horizontal scrolling bar across the top of the page and show the total amount on hand for each form.

    Upon clicking on the Add button from the inventory page, you will be presented with an empty Add page. There are several pieces of information available here, the main event is the Add Items section. Once again, there is a Green "Add" button available. Clicking on it will bring up your strain selection list.

    The first time you add a strain to It's High Time, you will see an empty list. This initial selection list will populate over time as you purchase more strains. It's High Time comes with a starter list of about 70 of the more popular strains. To access this list, begin typing a strain name in and use the search button to access the starter list.

    As of today, there are literally thousands of different strains of Marijuana available, with people breeding more everyday. As such, it is very difficult to keep up. We hope to have access to an online strain database in the future, which would expand the lookup list dramatically. Until then, this will need to do. The full starter list is here.

    If the Strain(s) you were looking for exist in the list, you can select it here. If not, clicking the Green Plus allows you to quickly add a strain. Enter a strain name and species type and click Accept. If you don't know the species type, choose anything for now. You can always edit it later.

    After accepting the strains, you will be back to your cart. If you haven't yet set your purchase preferences, you will be presented with a screen similar to this. You will notice the Red outline around each strain, along with the green ?. The Red outline indicates there is information required before the strain can be added.

    Clicking on either item brings up the Edit window where you will complete the following pieces:

  • Form
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Once these items are complete, click accept to save. When all selections have the needed information available, you will be able to save your purchase. Your inventory page will reflect the new additions.

    In-App Purchase: It's High Time Plus

    Upgrading to It's High Time Plus adds the option to enable Inventory Summary Tiles. These appear on a horizontal scrolling bar across the top of the page and show the total amount on hand for each form.


    When you open an item from your inventory, you will be presented with its page. The page is broken down into 2 sections. The top section contains information for this particular purchase of this strain and is editable, while the bottom section displays information about your use of this item, and is read only.

    At the top, you can edit the strain name if you would like, it will still record to the original strain's history. The amount on hand is here, which can be updated.

    Your aggregate rating for each session with this strain appears along the top. This is read only. It just looks better at the top.

    Note: In order to maintain accurate inventory, you must record usage with the actual weight/volume of the amount consumed. Anything else will just be an estimate. It's High Time provides a few generic usage amount such as hit, small bowl, large bowl, etc. Different strains have different densities, so these are not going to be the same for each strain. See custom units in Settings for more information.

    To remove an item from your inventory, it must have 0 on hand. If you would like to remove an item immediately, set the quantity to 0 and save. This will cause the "Begin Session" button to disappear and the "Remove from Inventory" to appear.

    If you typically consume the same amount using the same method, set your defaults for this items here.

    You can also enter a note for this purchase here.

    Clicking the Save button will record updates made to any of these items.

    Clicking "Begin A Session" starts a new Session with this strain using your defaults.

    The bottom section of the page has two sub-tabs. The Sessions tab displays your usage history of this item.

    The Statistics Tab provides a summary of the average for each recorded data point, with the number of occurrences recorded in the upper right.